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Hight quality stainless steel shoulder screws


In the maintenance of agricultural machinery, rusted dead screws and broken screws are often encountered. Many operators are helpless in this regard, and some of them are screwed and hardened to damage the screws and parts. Following a few strokes, try it out.

1. Remove the rusted screws and nuts. (1) Slowly tighten the rusted nut by 1/4 turn, and then withdraw. Repeated tightening can be achieved. (2) Tap the screw or nut with the hand hammer so that the rust layer can be easily unscrewed. Take care not to deform the head of the screw. (3) Soak the screw with kerosene for 30 minutes and unscrew it. (4) Use a torch to heat the nut so that the nut expands quickly after being heated. (5) Use a "wrench" to easily unscrew the screws with some liquid.

2, remove the broken head screws. (1) If the cross-section of the screw is higher than the surface of the part, use a hacksaw to cut the groove, and then use a screwdriver or the like to unscrew it. You can also find a nut with a similar diameter to the broken screw in the broken end, and screw the nut from the inside of the nut into one and unscrew it with a wrench. (2) If the screw section is flush with the plane of the part or lower than the plane of the part, a hole can be drilled on the broken screw to drill a hardened steel nail with a square section and twisted with a wrench. It is also possible to use electric welding to gradually increase the end of the broken pile. When it is higher than the plane, the nut is welded and screwed out with a spanner. The electric drill can also be used to drill the screw, and then the tapping can be used to increase the screw hole.

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