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Shenzhen Long Wei Wang Precision Technology Co Ltd Anliwei industrial Hong Kong Limited has been focused on the CNC high precision electronic hardware manufacturing for 20 years With an area over 5000 square meters factory We have strong R D team there is over 100 machines and measure equipment tools which made in Japan and Germany we specialized in manufacturing automatic lathe and CNC machining parts Production process according to the ISO9001 2015 quality system We offer OEM and ODM production by your drawing and sample Our parts are widely used in automatic Electronic Communications Mechanical Engineering and tool area We pursue customer first and high quality offer good service for you...

Categories and Products

Electronic Hardware

Round Spacers (Clear Hole)

Custom Made High Precision Aluminum Round Wheel Spacer Cnc Machining Stainless Steel round standoff Spacers Custom Aluminum or nylon spacer Aluminum Round Self Retaining Clear Hole Spacers Custom Silver Cylinder Round M8 Aluminum Nut Spacers Custom Turning Machining Made Aluminum Spacer Parts Nylon round plastic spacer parts Custom Aluminum Black Anodized Round Fastener Black Nylon PCB Standoff Black Spacers Customize Precision Cutting Anodized Aluminum Pipe CNC accessories Machine Tool Parts Lathe Machine Precision Turning Machining CNC Parts Precision Part Bronze Powder metallurgy Metal Cylinder Bushes Spacer CNC Auto Parts Stainless Steel Shaft Bushing Knurled CNC Milling Machined Brass Turning Parts Anode Black Aluminum Spacers Endoscopic Parts Customized precision metal parts aluminum spacer 7075 aluminium spacer by precision turning parts Hot Selling Custom Round spacer CNC Turning Custom Stainless Steel Spacer 

Swage Spacers

Customized Aluminum Standoff Swage Spacers Nickel Plated Brass Clear Hole Swage Spacers Stainless steel Concentric Swage Nipple Metal Micro Machining Valve Guide Turning Spacer Custom High Precision Stainless Steel Long Pin Brass Threaded Pipe Polished Spacers CNC Service Stainless Steel Tube Spacers CNC Custom Stainless Steel Hollow Spacer Stainless Steel Zinc plated Spacer 

Male Female Standoffs

Hight qulity brass knurling male/female standoff Brass Hex Round Male Femal Threaded Standoff Customized Stainless Steel male female Hexagon Standoff M3x20mm 6mm brass zinc plated support Male Knurling Brass Round Pillar Standoff Spacer Aluminium And Brass Male Female Thread Standoff Custom Aluminum Male Threaded Spacer Standoff Nylon standoff machine parts Brass standoff bolts round knurling standoff bolts Male To Male Aluminum Anodic Color Standoff Brass male female support Hight quality hot trending alloy steel hex nut Custom Spacers Brass Male Female Standoffs Custom Aluminum male female hex standoffs 

Female Female Standoffs

High Quality Brass Hex Nut Spacer Standoff Aluminum Round Long Coupling Female Standoffs CNC machine brass male/ female spacer Brass Knurled Long Connecting Nut Standoff Male Female Threaded Pcb Spacer Fasteners Female To Female Stainless Steel Hexagonal Thread Standoff Stainless Steel Hex Threaded Female Standoff Aluminum Column Alloy Standoff Spacer Stud Fastener Round Female Standoff Stainless Steel Anodized Round Aluminum Threaded Standoff Spacer 

Swage Standoffs

Customized Carbon Steel Electrical Swage Standoffs 304 Stainless Steel Blind Hole Clinching Standoff Metal Processing Micro Machining Valve Guide Turning Custom Anodize Threaded Aluminum Standoffs 

Male Male Standoff

Aluminum Male Male Threaded Standoff Spacer Hex male male stainless steel zinc plated standoff Hight quality steel custom standoff Stainless steel pressure rivet nut standoff Brass Male Straight Adapters Pipe Standoff 

Knurled Swage Standoff

Stainless Steel Back Face Knurled Swage Standoff Customized High Quality Slotted Cup Head Stainless Brass Matherboard Precision Thumb Screw Standoff Aluminum 3D Printer Hotend Barrel Knurled Standoff Precision Made Brass Thread Screw Adapter 

Jack Screws

Custom Stainless Steel Hexagon Jack Screws Custom Aluminum Jack Screw Thread Standoff Hex Nut Jack Screw High Precission Custom Brass Hex Jack Screw M3 knurled stainless steel Large head screw Copper Silver Color M2 Pillars Lock Screw Custom Aluminium Anodized Jack Screws OEM Carbon Steel Square Thread Screws Steel Flat Step Knurled Thumb Nut Screw 

Thumb Screws & Thumb Nuts

Stainless Steel Knurled Head Thumb Screw Stainless steel quick connect fittings Metal Hardware Plain Finish Knurled Head Thumb Screw Custom Brass Knurled Thumb Threaded Nut Color Aluminum Knurled Thumb Screw Cap Nut OEM CNC Milling Machined Brass Turning Parts Custom Anodized Aluminum Thumb Screw Custom CNC Machining parts Brass Turning Parts Knurled Thin thumb screws for wood High Quality Stainless Steel Coupling CNC Custom Parts Custom thread screw & knurled thumb screw Stainless Steel Knurled Thumb Nut Bed Metal Snap Railway Cars Plastic Clips Part Titanium Barbed clips Brass Automotive String Parts Custom Stainless Steel Thread knurled Screw CNC Turning Parts Stainless Thumb Screw Nut Custom Carbon Steel Nickel Thumb Nuts Screw M3 Brass Mobile Insert Knurled Nut CNC lathe knurled nuts machined parts CNC lathe parts knurled nuts machined 

Shoulder Screw

High Strength Custom Hex Socket Shoulder Thread Screw Brass Precision Shoulder Screws Socket Head Slotted flat head shoulder screw High Quality head rivet for machinery Custom Big Head Titanium Shoulder Screw Hight quality stainless steel shoulder screws Stainless Double Head Converter Threaded Screw Stainless Steel Hex Socket Shoulder Screw Hight precision shoulder screw stainless steel parts Stainless Steel Cup Head Slotted Shoulder Screw Aluminum M4x10mm Shoulder Type Knurled Thumb Screw 

Shoulder Washer

stainless steel high pressure car shoulder washer Custom Aluminum Shoulder Screw Cup Washer Hight precision Nylon Shoulder Washer Aluminum 7075 Custom Cnc Turning Machining Service Custom Stainless Steel Screw Shouler Washer Custom Zinc Plate Steel Thread Disc CNC lathe Stainless steel polishing spacer disc 

Panel Screw Washer

Stainless steel washers bolts nuts OEM Stainless Steel Spring Flat Screw Washer High Precision Brass Flat Washer for Screw Custom Precision CNC central machinery lathe machine Aluminum Colourful Anodized Bolts Washers Spacers Countersunk Washer Aluminum Screw Cup Washer Hot Selling Brass Washer parts Aluminum Custom Screw Countersunk Washer 

Captive Panel Screws

Rivets sheet metal screws Stainless Steel Captive Panel Fastener Screw CNC Turned Machining Threaded hollow screw Electrical Screws Captive Panel Fasteners Press Custom made factory High precision hot forging Professional customized non standard cnc machining brass Special Stainless Steel Bolts Nuts Flange Screws 7075 aluminium spacer by precision turning Custom CNC turned parts precision metal parts High Precision Brass Alloy Steel CNC Machine Part 

Machine Screw

CNC Machine Custom Ball Head Bolt Screw Decorative Slotted Brass Cap Machine Screw Auto parts for appliance Precision Brass Hand Tighten Screw Machine Parts Flat Metal Knurled Screw Brass Plated Steel Binding Post Book Screw Machine Screw Pan Head Screw With Slotted High Quality Aluminum Rivet Studs Screw Studs Custom CNC Machining Aluminum Screw Standoff Customized Precision Stainless Steel Screw Flange Stainless Steel Flat Head Slotted Machine Screws Carbon Steel Nickel Plating Book Binding Rivet Screw CNC Turned Aluminum Threaded Hollow Screw Stainless Steel Screws Silver Parts 

Micro Pins

Customized Electric Stainless Steel Micro spring Pins Aluminum Custom Micro Watch Strap Pin Metal Turning Stainless Steel pins Custom Electronics Stainless Steel micro Pin 

Mechanical Shaft

Cnc Machining Carbon Steel Drive Shaft Customized motorcycle hight quality spare parts CNC turning machines custom precision threaded brass shaft CNC Machining Dowel Pins Hight quality stainless steel Custom non stander shaft CNC Machining High Strength Structural Steel Shaft Precision Shaft With Induction Hardend Chorme Plated Stainless Steel Polished Grooved Pin Shaft Guide High precision CNC aluminum milling auto spare parts Custom Stainless Steel Long Screw Shaft High Quality Brass CNC Turning Dowel Pins Customized Precision Cable CNC Turning Cable Part CNC Machining Turned Turning Parts CNC Machining Parts Brass Pto Driving Shaft Professional Custom Stainless Steel Long Shaft Hardware Fasteners Non Standard Hex Bolt And Shaft Custom high precision stainless steel motor shaft Aluminum Free Cutting Steel Oil Bearing Threaded Shaft Precision motor shaft Micro shaft Shaft machining Customized precision CNC machining stainless steel shaft 

Stainless Nut /brass Nut

OEM M2-M20 Brass Knurled Thumb Insert Nut Hight quality brass nut & brass rivet nut High quality stainless steel nuts brass Type Lead Screw Nut Brass Nut Hight quality zinc plated brass nut Custom Stainless Steel Hex Lock Nut Customized Brass CNC Lathe Turning Nut Custom Metal Stainless Steel Casting Parts CNC Lathe Parts Knurled Nuts Machined Communication Stainless steel Blind Rivet Nuts Knurling decorative round insert brass nuts Precision hex brass nuts High Quality CNC Stainless Steel Coupling Nut Brass PPR Pipe Male Female Brass Inserts Nut Custom Chrome Plated Steel Spacer Nuts Brass Knurled Thumb Screw Nut CNC Machined Metal Parts Turning Aluminium Parts Custom Brass Special M2 M3 Small Nut Machining Stainless Internal Threaded Spacer Nut Customized high demand wood insert nut made 

Dowel Pins

Metric Electric Aluminum Stainless Steel Dowel Pins CNC Machining Round Head Clevis Pin With Hole Machined External Threaded Dowel Pin Round Cylindrical Straight Dowel Pin CNC Machined External Aluminum Threaded Dowel Pin Hight quality Machined External Threaded Dowel Pin Custom Stainless Steel Thread Dowel Pins Hight quality stainless steel dowel pins CNC Aluminum Parts Inside Turning Pin Anode Aluminum Knurled Hole Pins 

Custom Parts

CNC Custom Parts

Aluminium CNC Machining Drawing Parts Hight quality Male Brass Field Attachable Cnc Machine Spare Part For Washing Machine Die cast aluminum turntable Precision CNC Lathe machining medical device parts Custom Auminum Cnc Machining Auto Spare Parts Custom Metal Aluminum CNC Turning Drawing Metal Pipe Fitting Cnc Turning Screw Bolt Parts Custom Robot Parts CNC POM Fastener For Electrical Wholesale custom made stainless steel hex parts Decorative Handicrafts POM Pipe Connector Portable Brass Hex Flange Nut Customized Aluminum CNC Machining Electric Parts CNC Machine Stainless Steel Lathe Automatic Parts Stainless Steel CNC Machining Spare Parts CNC turning metal parts Customized Precision Brass CNC Machining Turned Parts Precision CNC Mini Durable Stainless Steel Filter OEM CNC Precision Machining Carbon Steel Parts 

Automatic Lathe Custom Parts

OEM Turning Brass knurled Knob High Precision Metal Accessories Auto Spare Parts CNC Turning Lathe Brass Thread Insert For Wood High precision CNC lathe machine parts Non standard cnc lathe clamp fastening piece Brass Stainless Steel CNC Machine Parts Auto Custom kind of color aluminum parts Automatic lathe custom parts Customized Titanium Metal Motorcycle Spare Parts Aluminum Hub Centric font wheel Stainless steel cone nozzle CNC Machining Service for Metal Lathe Parts Double head rivet for machinery OEM round head male thread custom precision CNC Machining For Auto Electronic Mechanical Industry CNC Lathe Custom Brass Auto and Electrical Parts High Precision OEM Customized Aluminum Cars Auto Parts High precision customized parts Stainless steel quick coupling connectors hydraulic Sintered Flanged Bronze Brass Guide Parts 

PEM Standard Parts

High Quality stainless steel threade standoff Brass Kinds of Customized flat knurled nuts High Precious CNC machining turning parts Hight Quality Semi tubular rivet parts Aluminum Standard Parts Threaded Insert Rivet Custom Brass Rivet Nut With Insert Thread PEM Standerd Aluminum parts Stainless Steel 304 Rivet Custom Mini CNC Lathe Stainless Steel Parts High grade Fine tube fitting nipple CNC machined turning brass parts Socket head strong shoulder screw plain and zinc PEM Stainless Steel Hex Self-locking Nut FHS Standard Fastening Riveting Stainless Extrusion Screw 

Decorative Hardware

Glass Standoff (advertising Standoff)

Hight quality stainless steel glass standoff OEM Aluminum Anodized Glass Sign Standoff Stainless Steel Mirror Glass Screw Standoffs Machining Aluminum glass Standoff Advertising screw Sign Advertising stainless steel glass standoff Stainless steel wall mounted sign strong standoff Aluminum Flashlight Pressure Sleeve Body Parts Sign Standoff Glass Advertising Rail Glass Spacer Custom Anodizing Photo Frame Bracket Screw Stainless Steel Standoff Advertising Nails Thread Standoff 

Charger Housing

Custom purple lug nuts for car for sale Aluminum led electric torch shell with good quality Color Anodizing Aluminum Flashlight Body Parts Aluminum CNC Turning Housing LED Flashlight Parts Portable Stainless Steel Emergency Hammer For Outdoor Moblie phone 12v car battery Aluminum Custom Motorcycle Cnc Machining Housing Part Brass Machined Torch Body Components Parts Aluminum alloy housing car charger Customized Flashlight Body Aluminum Precision CNC Parts CNC Machining Insert Screw Housing Part Aluminum Led Electric Torch Shell Body Parts Aluminum Custom Charger Housing Parts 

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